[rellect] Nodes Grid

[rellect] Nodes Grid 2.0.2

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Simple and does exactly what it says. Could not have been more impressed. or happier over the results. Thank you!
This is a great add-on which does what it says, and it does it well. The concept itself is also a major improvement over the standard index page. This really should be in the XF core.
Great (and for me, must have) add-on. Specially "Customizing the grid directly from the front-end" tool is fantastic. Thanks rellect and wish you the best.
I've using [rellect] Nodes Grid in my board from the beginning and I really love it, the way to customise the look is really awesome and easy to handle. in the top of my best addons! Thanks rellect!
I've been using this add-on now for more than a year, and I have only good things to say about it. My index page is more compact, so users don't have to scroll so much to find the forums they are looking for. It also simply looks better.
Easy to install, appears to be bug free, and the new version allows you to do all the work from the front end! Great job and I look forward to this author's future addons
I want to thank you to the developer because of this great plugin. I was looking for a good modification to divide the node list in two columns and I couldn't find any modification compatible with latest XenForo version. I hope the developer will continue supporting this addon on future XF versions! :)
Superbly done.
Love it Bro You rock. Makes the forum looks Cool
Works great. I like the sub forums icon feature
Works easily and like a charm!
Works great.
Works perfectly.
Brilliant solution to make your forum looks different and transparent.
Excellent add-on, I'm using this on all my sites. Many thanks!
Worked perfectly.
I love it. It really helped me as I had a long home page and people had to scroll a lot to the bottom. I guess some forums are not even read.
I think this is a clever add-on; not sure why it isn't core but I'm glad rellect has released it. Thanks and well done :)
In the words of Apache... IT WORKS !! --- Loving this and it's completely responsive. I've seen so many people try to add this and this one works. THANK YOU.