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Unmaintained Reinvigorate & Xenforo 1.0

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This addon allows you to track your reInvigorate stats by just adding your account ID in the options panel.

reInvigorate is a brilliant stat analysis system developed by Webtrends, and it has some amazing features. Heatmaps and desktop app included. :)

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the contents of the "upload" folder keeping the directory structure intact into your library folder.
  2. Log-in to your backend and install the addon-xml
  3. Navigate to Options in your backend, and look for "Reinvigorate & Xenforo Options" and paste your reInvigorate ID into the text box.
  4. That's it. Log-in to reInvigorate and enjoy looking at those awesome stats.

This addon has the "NameTags" functionality enabled as well. You'll be able to track users via their username on reInvigorate.
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Very useful add-on. Nice job Praj!