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it creates the account but if user changes their password,etc
this does not sync.. So the plugin can create confusion.
Thank you for the review! Changing user passwords afterwards is outside the scope of this addon. It is possible to keep user password changes in sync with the XFtoWP plugin on the WordPress side.
Hello everyone
many thanks to @kolakube for this addon, much needed, and free
Thank you very much, I had been waiting for something like this for a long time, I have tried other solutions (even paid) and none of them worked
I think that other developers, or xenforo itself, should include a simple integration of user synchronization with other tools such as wordpress of origin with the system and not have to depend on addons for everything
great job
Thank you for the positive review and I hope you are able to get great results with your new user registration flow.
Nice and simple, thumbs up. Have been looking for this for a while. There should be more Wordpress integration add-ons
Thank you for the review! Between this addon and XFtoWP, I am always looking for new integration ideas.
I posted a longer review in kolakube's main XFtoWP addon but specifically for this one:

With Register New Users to WordPress our site works exactly as we've wanted since migrating to Xenforo. Users can register in the forum (I prefer its registration over WP) and that info is sent to WP so now a user can easily log in on either site with the same credentials.
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