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Register Email 3.8

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WOW, if you moderate your new user registrations (for whatever reason) THIS is THE add-on to assist you in doing so! You'll instantly get an email notice with whatever relevant information you've chosen to help you decide if the new user is legit or not.

Even if you don't moderate new user registrations, this add-on can still give you a heads-up if something is awry with a new user's answers to any required text-based custom user fields.
Great addon. I can see while away from pc when someone signs up and even look up their info. Works perfect! Thanks AndyB. Don't forget to donate.
Great plugin for monitoring new registrations. It is nice to have the safety blanket of knowing that all is working well with the sign-up process.
I love this add-on! It sends me an email when a new member registers on my forum. And what i love about it, is that it shows all of their information including their ip address and location and it even has a link to their profile. I find this extremely useful.
tank you sir!! 5 stars!!
Works as it should. Installed it in XF 1.5 and I am receiving all Emails as expected. Thanks for taking the time to get this done and making it available to us.
This is a simple plugin that help a lot managing users and keeping a eye on the suspicious registrations behavior, something that should be in core in my optinion.
Simple feature that should have been included in XenForo at the start. Works exactly as described and the developer is extremely quick to fix any niggles.
That's a great add-on to always be immediatley informed who signs up. It has more features than unmaintained ones that cost money. And above all it's very easy to customize. Thanks alot!
A simple, yet excellent add-on! Coming from vBulletin it was a feature I missed dearly. Very useful, even when you are not moderating new sign-ups. Thank you!
Very Useful and works perfect. Thanks Andy.
Good support, and Andy is always open for suggestions to Improve the add-on. Good stuff! :-)
I'm happy with the result.
Thanks for this, it will be really helpful for us. I suspect we'll end up turning it off in the near future, but for now it will allow us to stay on top of things easier.
This add-on does exactly what it says it does without any issues.

I've always Admired Andy's work. Hos Add-on are easy to use and if any complications arise he's quick to respond and get a fix out for you.

The only thing I wish this add-on would do is allow for Custom User Fields on more than just a textbox entry but I suppose that could be an entire fiasco in itself to code. Great work Andy!
Handy little addition, cheers Andy
Very useful and works well!
Excellent and very useful addon
What must I say.... Great great support and a very useful add-on
wow, this mod is amazing.. Thank you very much...
Very good time saver. Works just as described. I also got very quick help from AndyB during an initial install issue. Thank you.
One of my most important tools for the forum.