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Unmaintained [RAID101.com] Stats Bar 1.0.1

Add a graphical representation for a user statistic at various places

  1. MOZ
    This release can be upgraded using the Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming
    Please consider donating if you find this add-on useful. Contact:moz@raid101.com

    This addon adds a graphical representation for a statistic of your choice. You can add a bar with different images for each level having different intervals. You may also assign medals and titles for users when the statistic reaches a defined value. Titles show up on hovering over the stats bar. Multiple titles and medals may be defined.

    15-2-2013 4-14-53 PM.png
    Above image shows 4 medals and 2 levels - light green (Twice) and dark green

    - Show stats bar for any statistic of your choice
    - Show the stats bar at any of these positions:
    - Optionally display at the locations as well​

    - Infinite number of levels may be assigned
    - Infinite number of medals may be assigned
    - Infinite number of titles may be assigned.
    - Allows for placement at manual position using a custom hook
    - Two modes for medals: iterative (Show previous as well) and non-iterative (Don't show previous)

    Admin options:
    Admin options include:
    • Setting the stats field
    • Position in message postbit
    • Enabling for other locations on the forum
    • Assigning medals and the cutoff
    • Assigning titles and their cutoff
    These are the options available to admins:
    15-2-2013 4-09-17 PM.png
    15-2-2013 4-10-55 PM.png
    15-2-2013 4-11-53 PM.png
    15-2-2013 4-12-18 PM.png
    15-2-2013 4-12-41 PM.png

    Use Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming or the following:
    1. The zip file contains an "upload" folder. Upload the contents of the folder in the root XF folder, thereby creating a library/StatsBar and styles/StatsBar directories on your server.
    2. The zip file contains a "addon-StatsBar.xml" file. Import the appropriate XML in your Admin CP.
    - Setup the statistic field you want to use
    - Choose the position for the message postbit
    - Choose other locations you want to show the stats bar. You may also use the custom hook to place the stats bar at a manual position.
    - Setup your levels and cutoff. Then setup an image for each level. I would suggest using CSS sprites
    - Choose mode for medals, and setup accordingly. A medal is awarded after reaching multiples of its cutoffs
    - Choose whether to enable titles, setup accordingly

    Technical details:
    • This addon can be disabled or uninstalled very easily without any lasting effects.
    • This addon has 0 query overhead.
    To report any bugs please feel free to contact the developer and also submit the bugs at http://www.raid101.com/community/index.php?forums/xenforo-development.114/
    To suggest new features/more sorting options please feel free to contact the developer or submit your requests at http://www.raid101.com/community/index.php?forums/xenforo-development.114/

    This addon was sponsored by Evina, of www.phcorner.net. Also special thanks to Shelley for allowing use of her medal icons.


Recent Updates

  1. Better support for manual position.

Recent Reviews

  1. Live Free
    Live Free
    Version: 1.0.1
  2. nukedi
    Version: 1.0.1
    Thank you .. i love it :xd
  3. Tracy Perry
    Tracy Perry
    Version: 1.0
    Long overdue and should be part of the core system! Great job!
    1. MOZ
      Author's Response
      Thank You.
  4. DFI
    Version: 1.0
    Works Like Charm. Pls add more medals in next release. Keep it Up
    1. MOZ
      Author's Response
      Graphics is not my strong suit. Those included are made by Shelley. Anyways, you are free to add you own.
  5. RoldanLT
    Version: 1.0
    You did a really great work !
    1. MOZ
      Author's Response
      Thank You.
  6. Wartazan
    Version: 1.0
    good jobs
    1. MOZ
      Author's Response
      Thank You.