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Unmaintained [] Reputation Points As Criteria 1.0

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This release can be upgraded using the Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming

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This addon allows those using the [bd]Reputation System addon to use reputations points as a criteria which is not available otherwise. There are three criterias. It also allows users to change the reputation points of a user.

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- Adds criteria: Has atleast X reputation points
- Adds criteria: Has no more than X reputation points
- Adds criteria: Has a reputation points to posts ratio of more than
- Change value of reputation points manually

Admin Options:
Criteria when creating a trophy (This will show up anywhere a criteria is used in XenForo system)
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Changing reputation points in user edit menu
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Use Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming or the following:
  1. The zip file contains an "upload" folder. Upload the contents of the folder in the root XF folder, thereby creating a library/RepsAsCriteria directory on your server.
  2. The zip file contains a "addon-RepsAsCriteria.xml" file. Import the appropriate XML in your Admin CP.
-You can us the criteria like any other criteria so it will show up when creating a notice or trophy or any other place the normal stock criterias show up.
-To change the reputation of a user, go to 'Users' then choose the username. Under 'Profile Info' tab set the value of reputation and save.

Technical Details:
  • As such, this addon can be disabled or uninstalled very easily without any lasting effects
  • This addon has 0 query overhead.
  • This addon does not make any changes to your database
To report any bugs please feel free to contact the developer and also submit the bugs at Reputation Points As Criteria | RAID101
To suggest new features/more sorting options please feel free to contact the developer or submit your requests at Reputation Points As Criteria | RAID101

Thanks to xfrocks for the excellent [bc]Reputation System addon.

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I'm agree with previous user! MARVELOUS addon for [bd] Reputation System 1.3! Thank YOU SO MUCH!
Excellent addition!!
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