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Unmaintained QuoteME ! 2.1.1

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  1. How can I install a button with the editor to activate the QuoteMe (fast quotes) mode?

    To enable this button, you must have installed the two following addons:
    1. BbCodes & Buttons Manager
    2. TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodes (minimum version:
    The QuoteMe button is inside the extra directory of this addon. It's a xml file that must be imported with the Bb Codes Manager and position with the Buttons Manager. It's only compatible with the TinyMCE Quattro configurations.

    Please note that this button will use the Fright mode of TinyMCE Quattro (if you have not disabled it) that will position its button to right. The positioning is done with the float command so the buttons order for all "fright buttons" will be reverse.

    This button will only be displayed if you set the "QuoteME Activation" (see the options of this addon) to "After click".


  2. On mobile devices, why can't I continue to select some text after inserting some quotes inside the editor?
    On iOS (an may be other systems too), when some quotes are inserted inside the editor, the editor is focused and the OS keyboard is displayed. Don't try to continue to select some quotes while this keyboard is opened, it will not work and will automatically refocused the editor. You must first close the keyboard, then it will work. For this reason, the TransMode is recommended. It will allow you to insert all quotes at once.

  3. On touch screen devices, why the quoteME popup is not the same?
    Put aside that dealing with touch events to get the final position when the selection is modified is difficult, for the user it's easier to click on a large button after the text has been selected. This modified popup bar is managed by css, so it can be easily modified too.
    /*Custom code */

  4. I have selected the "direct activation" method, but it still load the "after click" activation method on Touch screen devices, why?
    This is done on purpose to avoid any problems with possible incompatible devices. If you want to adopt the same strategy with mobile devices without touch screen, just install the "Browser Detection" addon.