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Sorry my fault i missed the error but these files will fix the last error massage
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bug fix for the error
Fatal error: Cannot create references to elements of a temporary array expression in /home/mysite/public_html/demo/library/QuizMaster/Model/QuizMaster.php on line 344
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Have fix problem with the columns see image

Have fixed the missing username see image

have also fixed tab menu to be inline with all other templates

Also fixed the breadcrumb problems now works as it should do.
Fixed problem with total quizzes count in main categories


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Hi all sorry but last update did not fix the problem.

Have found the problem now and have fixed this just upload the files no need to upgrade.

File updated

Just upload this file if you have version 1.0.9 installed already.
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Hi all

Im very sorry its been so long for an update but here it is.

This is a bug fix for the server errors undefined index of an array
I have now added full breadcrumb when entering into any category or quiz.
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The gamer card creation has been re-made as it was missing somethings out.
This has now been updated and should run fine now but not fully tested till i try the install and add-on to install this update.

This should remove the errors that were happening with the making of the gamer cards.

This is working fine.

If using the install and upgrade add-on just goto the upgrades page and select upgrade.

If installing the old way upload all files and folders to forum root.
CHMOD all folders qmaster and all folders within this folder.

Import the add-on xml file from file or from url
URL is install/data/addon-quizmaster.xml
Fix one of the earlier bugs but found it some where else as well have fully tested this when logged in and out.

Also fixed problem when clicking on image icon for game in gamer tag if no game there.
These files fix the Undefined variable: stampb error.

Just upload the files there is no need to do an upgrade as all thats changed is 1 of the php files.
Hope this fixes the errors some have been having with
ErrorException: imagecreatefrompng(qmaster/tmp/image/0.png): failed to open stream: No such file or directory - library/QuizMaster/Model/QuizMaster.php:1590

This is down to users not having taken upto 5 quizzes so it was not adding these images to the folder have changed this to check if the file exists
Have fixed the error that some users were getting

Server Error

Undefined offset: 0

Just upload new files no need to do an upgrade