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Quick Theme Switcher

Quick Theme Switcher
Have your Forums consist of multiple themes?
Do you want to provide the functionality to your users to select their preferred theme easily? 🤔

For Xenforo Lovers, Forumcube has launched the "Quick Theme Switcher" Addon this year Theme switcher is pretty easy to use, facile configuration and hasty.

What's extra special in ForumCube Theme Switcher?
Quick Theme Switcher is suitable for any forum along with many different abilities that allow you to toggle themes easily with just a single click.

Get your steak on! let your visitors switch between the themes seamlessly.

Administrator Features
1. Simple options.
2. Font awesome supported icons.
3. Single click toggle option.
4. Easy to configure and easy to setup.

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User Features
1. Quick theme switcher provides functionality to switch/toggle between the desired theme.
2. Provides simple toggle switch icons to allow users to make their own choice
3. Users can experience different themes from the front-end.

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Quick Theme Switcher Live Demo Quick Theme Switcher Documentation

Coming Soon Features
1. Quick Theme Switcher will provide the ability to set the timeline for any theme on user preferences to change the theme automatically or load the theme on their timezone preferences.
2. Give the ability of quick switching among multiple themes. Don't stick between two themes.
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Many thanks for this great addon. It works great. Only there is a compatibility issues with ThemeHouse themes, but it can be fixed very easly.
Great add-on. I know it can be done very easily through extra.less, but maybe adding a color picker to the admin CP options would be a good addition. Thank you!
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