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  1. 2.3
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Quickly find threads, conversations and resources.

(Example of Quick search box on forum list)


(Example of quick search results)


(Example of Options page)


(Example of User group permissions)


  • Quick search box located in the 'forum list' searches thread titles in all forums.
  • Quick search box located in the 'forum view' searches thread titles in the current forum.
  • Quick search box located in the 'thread view' searches thread titles in the current forum.
  • Quick search box located in the 'conversation list' searches all conversation titles.
  • Quick search box located in the 'resource manager' searches all resource titles.
  • All phrases start with quicksearch_ for your convenience.

Typically you will set 'Yes' for the following two user groups:

Unregistered /Unconfirmed

Questions and Answers:

Q: Does this add-on search thread titles only, or does it also search post content?
A: Thread titles only.

Q: Are view permissions honored?
A: Yes. Members will only see results which they have view privileges to.

Q: Are all results shown?
A: No. The number of results shown is based on the quick search options page 'Maximum results' and newest threads will be displayed first.

Q: Are the options below 'Enhanced search' only applicable if Enhanced search is selected?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the 'Create pages for categories' feature supported?
A: No.

Q: How are thread titles searched?
A: Depends if Standard search or Enhanced search is selected in the Quick search options page.

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Latest updates

  1. See description

    Quick search v5.2 changes: Fixed issue with quick search not working on forum list.
  2. See description

    Quick search v5.1 changes: Compatible XF 2.x versions 2.3
  3. See description

    Quick search v5.0 changes: Now honors "View threads by others" permission.

Latest reviews

quick search is a very helpful add on increase user engagements with contents with new conversation search ability made it even more useful tool.
Quick Search has the potential to be a great addon but right now it's inaccurate and unreliable. The first post of the threads at the very least should be included in the search and not just the thread title. Searching by titles only should be an option not a fixed default. We're receiving numerous complaints from members saying nothing shows up when quick searching for certain keyword(s) when in fact there are existing posts containing the keyword(s). So we ended up uninstalling this addon after a week since it creates confusion and misleading results.
Andy is the best XenForo addon developer. His addons are really nice. And he provides fast support in case something goes wrong. I am using many addons from Andy!
It is not very advanced to capture nuances (direct SQL matching only) but it still provides the forum a very useful tool. I would say it is more useful than the standard XF search as it responds immediately and doesn't have to redirect you to a new page. Thank you.
The author completely ignores request or messages posted in his releases, so if you have custom requests or problems, unless you directly reach him out, get ready to be ignored. Besides that, the add-on works fine with the standard provided features.
What an amazing and helpful add-on! Works like a charm :) We have it installed on www.dacianer.de and www.tutorials.de - Thank you very much, Andy!!!
Very helpful addon to extend our forum. Thank you.
And y very convenient way to use any/all of your 143 resources.
I didn't know where to leave my rating as I use a few of your add-ons. Andy is a great guy and very helpful. If you have any issues, he will try and resolve it for you. Also the $25.00 for all add-ons he releases is a bargain. Best $25.00 spent!
Andy is the man! This makes content discover so much faster. Thank you! $25 for access to all of your add-ons is a bargain.
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