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Quick search 3.4

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Quick search v3.4 changes:

Fixed issue with forum view and thread view not limiting results to the forum.
Quick search v3.3 changes:

Quick search input is disabled until document is ready.
Quick search v3.2 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Quick search v3.1 changes:

Now fully responsive.
Quick search v3.0 changes:

This version now only shows the quick search input box after the page is fully loaded. This prevents a situation where typing too soon resulted in the drop down not being displayed.
Quick search v2.9 changes:

Fixed issue with quick search drop-down not showing in previous version.
Quick search v2.8 changes:

Fix issue dealing with typing too fast and having the results drop-down not display.
Quick search v2.7 changes:

Now starts search after first character is entered.
Quick search v2.6 changes:

Improved code to eliminate 404's.
Quick search v2.5 changes:

Added Exclude resource category to Options page.