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Quick search 1.9

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Quick search v1.9 changes:

Updated template modification to ensure quick search box is always directly above node list.
Quick search v1.8 changes:

Added version number to resource manager quick search results.
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Quick search v1.7 changes:

Added quick search to resource manager overview.
Quick search v1.6 changes:

Now supports changing the "Index page route" function.
Quick search v1.5 changes:

Updated code to ignore redirect threads.
Quick search v1.4 changes:

Now using cancel button to close results.
Quick search v1.3 changes:

Quick search now available in forum list and forum view.
Quick search v1.2 changes:

A few forums experienced an issue with the search not working reliably. This issue has been fixed by changing the timeout to a larger number.
Quick search v1.1 changes:

Added support for URL portion.