[Pixel Crescent] Minecraft Server Status (Simple)

Unmaintained [Pixel Crescent] Minecraft Server Status (Simple) 1.0.4

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This update is very light - it fixes the problem where the widge_framework.xml was also importing/duplicating all of the default widgets.
We have now included the plugin to have a widget for widget framework by XFrocks! It should be installed alongside the main add-on (must install the add-on, or the widget will not work).
Update notes for 1.0.2
  • Smaller - now 4.5 kB down from 16 kB
    • Our previous version accidentally included a folder from another add-on. If you have no waindigo plugins installed, but used version 1.0.1, delete the /Waindigo/ folder from your library.
    • Our previous version also came with an /install/data/addon-PixelC_ServerStatus.xml, we've removed that.
  • Will no longer show a dead server status when no server IP is configured from the options
  • Download area no longer requires personal details / sign-up. (Note: To get an older version of the plugin, sign up is required.)
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