[OzzModz] Table BBcode Tweak

[OzzModz] Table BBcode Tweak 2.3.0

No permission to download
Changed name to [OzzModz] Table BBcode Tweak
Added new developer URL
Added minimum requirement of XF 2.1
Announcement: I'm no longer able to maintain this (free) add-on.
The reason for this is that I have other priorities and providing these kind of add-ons no longer fits.

The resource will be available for download until the 1st of September.
If you are a developer and want to take over and continue this add-on, please contact me.
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  • Added 'center' option to align the table in the middle
  • Removed some unused CSS code
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  • Fixed: Switching between BBcode views would remove the full/collapse option from the table
    (thanks @Lukas W. for pointing me in the right direction)
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