[OzzModz] Table BBcode Tweak

[OzzModz] Table BBcode Tweak 2.3.0

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Great little addon that does something really simple, which you wonder why it isn't included by default.

If the developer was able to implement the functionality seen here: https://froala.com/wysiwyg-editor/examples/resize-table/ I'd be more than happy to pay and buy this addon (and it would have everything table related that a forum could ever need!)

NOTE: I did find a bug if you try to open too many windows with tables in it, you have to manually add the BBCode for collapse.
Excellent - so handy for improving the appearance of embedded photos in a post i.e. embed into table and then line up with captions and text far more attractively than standard editor.
Thank you for sharing this, this add-on is a must for everyone who uses a lot of tabulated data on their fora! :)
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