[OzzModz] Most Ever Online

[OzzModz] Most Ever Online 2.0.1

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Fixed: template modifications not working.
Fixed: bad versioning numbers.

To upgrade, uninstall the old addon, delete the files, upload the new files and install.

Just a warning for those updating... uninstalling will delete your historical "Most Ever Online" count and date.
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Removed icon in ACP addon menu.
Added [OzzModz] to addon title to make finding it in the ACP easier.
Added link to support thread on Snog's site.
Added Ozzy47 as the developer.
2 new options and one new position have been added.

new options:

- Format date any way you like with php date function letters. Use a combination of letters to make the date exactly how you want it. A link to the php date letters and explanations has been provided in the option. This also gives you the ability to setup the actual time to show as well. However you will need to reset your counts for this to take effect ONLY if you want the time to show. The date can be formatted any way you like. This is because the time was not processed before the counts were recorded

- reset count option. This action can not be undone but if you tick the option and click save it will reset all of the counts and dates wherever they are located. Keep in mind the cron needs a minute to run before the new data will process for the new counts.

new position

- Position has been added for forum statistics. Simply tick the option for forum statistics for the counts to show

CSS has also been neatened up. No longer using app.less to reference the CSS file. Instead 2 new templates have been added:

  • bp_widget_members_online
  • bp_widget_forum_statistics

Instead of make the change directly from the template modification, these templates have been created and referenced to process the data so that they can be edited if anyone ever decided they wanted to edit them.
If you have already downloaded this add-on there's no need to upgrade. There was 2 files that were not needed that had no functionality or use in the add-on and were unimportant. These 2 files have now been removed. This add-on is compatible with both 2.0 and 2.1 so whichever you want to use it on is okay to do so.

I have also removed the default style linear gradient on the total users under members online area so it's more compatible with dark styles. This was causing an issue where it would be a light area on a dark style and would require a CSS edit. This has now been removed. Thank you
Feature update:

  • Dates have been added to all counts including members, guests, and total visitors
  • Most Ever Online Statistic title added to members online
  • Option to remove the title has been added
  • An option to also use only total visitors only in members online has been added

    If you are upgrading from a previous version you will need to make the new version a fresh install and sacrifice starting starting your highest number over for the dates to show or wait for the counts to be updated which isn't ideal since it leaves an empty space after the phrase "on". Technically if the counts were to update then the dates would show but I suggest a fresh install of the add-on to speed up the process and get it going.

    Changes also include several phrase changes that make the phrase for 2 of the counts simply "Members:" and "Guests:" with a "Most Ever Online Statistics" title added. As said above there is an option to remove this title if you'd rather use the same similar format as before however this was created in order to make room for the dates.

    Right now I am using most total visitors only on my own site as of now. There probably won't be anymore feature updates as I plan to work on other add-ons but I plan to keep it updated throughout Xenforo 2 versions.

I recommend all users upgrade. If you installed the add-on prior to this version, you will need to upgrade and then point your browser to the /install directory of your installation and click "rebuild master data". There was an accidental direct template edit of app.less that has caused the add-on to delete the template if uninstalled causing broken CSS until the master data has been rebuilt. Rebuilding the master data from the install directory after upgrading will fix the issue and keep the app.less template from being deleted if you uninstall. If you have already uninstalled please rebuild your master data to fix the issue. After taking this step you are good to go from 1.0.4 and on.

If you didn't install prior then you are good. Version 1.0.4 does not have this issue.

I suggest everyone upgrade to the new version and rebuild their master data afterwords if you installed prior to this version.

This does not affect users on 1.0.0-1.0.1 version of the add-on

Several fixes include:

- Fix for the members online widget possibly not being able to be further extended by other add-ons
- Fix for cache not being reset if uninstalled. Now the cache will be reset if you uninstall and deleted from the xf_data_registry table
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The LESS template with the responsive css was not applied as I had not added the template modification. This has been fixed.

If you have downloaded the resource already please re-download and upload again.
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Counts were not showing correctly on mobile. This is now fixed. I also added a new LESS template and added css from there instead of doing it inline and made members online area and also widget responsive. I also added the phrases from the back-end instead of doing it inline. This update is for the mobile fix and also back-end improvements from inline phrases
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Just a small fix where the most users online phrases were not working with options and permissions leaving the options and permissions to not work at all. This has now been fixed and everything should work perfect now.
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