[OzzModz] Forum Index Tweak

[OzzModz] Forum Index Tweak 2.3.0

No permission to download
Many thanks for this! Still works April 2022 and for a complete beginner.

Uploaded unzipped and worked straight away.
One of the best and most useful add-ons for Xenforo. I would pay for this. Thank you so much for this!
The Add-On runs perfectly. It does exactly what was announced and what you need. And you have all the options to customize the three things (threads, messages and avatars), as you want.

To slightly improve:

- For a newcomer to Forums like me, installing instructions in the "read-me" file should be a bit more detailed, as after a lot of reasonings I realized I had to upload only the folder "MrMinx" inside my Add-Ons folder inside some folders of the route described in the "readme", but this complete route was not described in the "Read-me", which I think was necessary to help the users.

- I have the impression that the original font type of the Threads, number of messages and last messages part in the Forum has been slightly changed (just an impression, I am not sure about that as I can not compare to how was before) -> Not an important change but this is my (¿maybe wrong?) impression.

But in conclusion: a really good decision to download it, as rfuns perfectly, and puts no publicity in your Forum like other Add-Ons.
Does exactly what the author says it does with no nonsense, no footer link, nothing. It just is what it is.
Works perfectly and is easy to install, even for a novice like me! I'm using Xenforo because of the compact presentation of the website, but I want it to look less like a forum than a place to find my stuff and talk about it. This add-on helps!
Great to hear, I was thinking the same when creating this add-on!