[OzzModz] Floating Menu

[OzzModz] Floating Menu 2.2.1

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Changed: ACP menu name to [OzzModz] Floating Menu
Changed: Price from $45 to $30
Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Floating Menu

Removed: Branding and option to turn branding off.
Removed: Xen-Pro icon from the ACP addon page.

Added: Support for XF 2.1 and 2.2

Fixed: The option to hide the floating menu on mobile devices now works.
A new field to let you add Class for each button
A new field to let you add ID for each button

What is the usage?
Sometimes you need to do something in your site, when a specific element with a specific class or id is clicked (for example, in my Tours and Hints add-on, the tour and the hint will start as soon as you click on an element with the class of xftours and xfhints). Now you can add those buttons in the floating menu and give them the appropriate class and/or id.


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Easily add a floating menu to your XF2 site.

Customize any link/button based on user and page criteria, and also let users show/hide the menu from their account details page.

Using style properties, options, add-button panel, and user group permission you can customize and personalize the buttons as well.

User Group Permissions:
  • Can See Floating Menu
  • Can Show/Hide Menu
User Account Details Options:
  • See Floating Menu
  • Enable Floating Menu
  • Display Overlay
  • Click on Overlay Closes the Menu
  • Clicking Outside of menu Closes menu
  • Tooltip On Hover
  • Linked Tooltip
  • Disable in Mobile
Style Properties:
  • Overlay Color
  • Button Side
  • Main Button - Height and Width
  • Main Button - Border Radius
  • Main Button - Shadow
  • Main Button - Margin
  • Main Button - Background Color
  • Menu Buttons - Height and Width
  • Menu Item - Border Radius
  • Menu Item - Background Color
  • Menu Item - Box Shadow
  • Menu Item - Icon Size
  • Menu Item - Icon Color
  • Tooltip - Font Size
  • Tooltip - Font Color
  • Tooltip - Background Color
  • Tooltip - Border Radius
Add-Button Panel:
  • Title
  • Link
  • Open in New Tab
  • Open link as Overlay
  • Icon
  • Description
  • Button is Active
  • Display order
  • Full User Criteria
  • Full User Field Criteria
  • Full Page Criteria
  • Full Date Criteria


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Fixed: admin search not working and generating an error when doing admin search (now works properly)
  • Fixed: "Open in New Tab" was not working
  • Change: "Button Side" moved from Options to Style Properties
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