Node Icon

Unmaintained Node Icon Beta 4

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Support for different icons when node have unread messages.
If define only 'node icon' - it using for both watched/unread node state.
If define only 'unread node icon' - it using only for node with unread messages. For node without new content using origin xenforo's icon or defined from your style.
If define both - for node without new message, using 'node icon', for node with unread messages using 'unread node icon'
Fix fa icon submenu, remove fa icons shadow
Support for image/svg icons and custom html/font icons.
For custom iconic fonts you need have css styles for this font

Origin style example:
Custom xenforo style example:
Node edit:
Just few changes for keep addon actual. I not sure it will works fine for 2.0.x branch, but might be

Important: change nodes icons you using to 'fa-xxxx' form.
  • Fix Category icon definition
  • Show icons in nodes sublists too