[n] Username Change

Unmaintained [n] Username Change 1.1.2

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Callbacks removed.

It is important all customers upgrade to this version. If you need assistance, please email support@apantic.com as soon as possible.
Fixes issues:
  • #1: Be able to change your username even if you don't have permission for invisible username changes (bug)
  • Hotfix to improve the altered database structure when upgrading from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0
  • Hotfix to improve content type addition (MySQL bind params on the content_type)
New Features:
  • Support for invisible username changes. This means a user, with the right permission, can change his username and it will not show up on his username history. It will, however, still show up in the ACP if you search by User ID or directly enter in the change ID

Bug Fixes:
  • An alert will not be sent to a user if they are a moderator AND the one changing their username through this system. I previously commented this out for development testing, but it was in version 1.0.0

Upgrading Process
  • No special notes. Upgrade as normal. Instructions in README.txt supplied with the add-on.

Thank You
  • Thanks to Chris D for assisting with the checkbox problem I had with this update. Credit given where credit is due, Chris is a great guy.
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