Most Likes

Most Likes 2.8

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Most Likes v1.9 changes:

Improved query to eliminate server error in certain situations.

Added second sort on username.
Most Likes v1.8 changes:

Added mostlikes_title phrase.
Most Likes v1.7 changes:

The query was selecting most likes from "post date", now the query selects from the "like date".
Most Likes v1.6 changes:

Added Option to add title link.
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Most Likes v1.5 changes:

Added the ability to see which members "Liked" content for a particular user. See Overview for details.
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Most Likes v1.4 changes:

Added User Group Permissions.
Most Likes v1.3 changes:

Member links now bring up Member Card as opposed to Profile Page.
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Most Likes v1.2 changes:

Updated for use with Sidebar Positions add-on.
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Most Likes v1.1 changes:

Old name: Total Likes
New name: Most Likes

Please uninstall old version and install new version.
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