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Reported Posts mimics the vBulletin behavior when items (posts, profile posts, conversation messages) get reported.


Currently it does the following:
  • (Required) Allow you to pick a dedicated private forum node where all reported items are being posted in (under Admin CP -> Options -> Messages)
  • (Optional) Email all moderators who have access to that private node when a new item is being reported
  • (Optional) Automatically watch the discussion thread of the reported item if the reporting person is a moderator with access to the private node
  • When the same item is reported multiple times, only one report threads is created; subsequent reports appear as new posts in that thread.
This add-on does not interfere with xenForo's built-in reporting system. When an item is reported, the report thread will be linked with the respective report item in the built-in report table. This allows us to expand this add-on further in the future for a better integration with the built-in reporting system (there are plenty of ideas, but only limited time).

This add-on is released as a beta and I invite you to test it and expand it as you wish. Feedback is always appreciated. (y)

(extra: if you don't like to see the notification of reported items in the moderator bar, you can edit the following)
In the moderator_bar template, find and remove the following code:
<a href="{xen:link reports}" class="reportedItems modLink">
<span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase reported_items}:</span>
<span class="itemCount {xen:if {$}, 'alert'}">{$}</span>
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  2. Set newly reported items as "resolved" in the internal xF report queue

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