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Unmaintained Minecraft UUID/Name Change Handler 0.1.0

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Changes in this release:
  • Users only have to click Update Username, not Change Username and then type their username.
  • When a user registers after changing their username, and someone else had their new username before and had also registered but not updated it on the site, the person who used to have the name will get renamed to their correct name and registration will proceed. This also happens on the validation in the form.
  • Updated some Mojang API stuff.
Please report all bugs to me, this is a 'beta' release you could say as I haven't really tested it as much.
Changed the UUID column so that it defaults to null, in case the add-on is disabled.
Thanks to Chris D for pointing this out!
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Fix and test pagination when fetching UUIDs.
Migrate to a newer Mojang API from the old one.
Add pagination in the API calls (if you have more than 100 users please report that this works!)
Fix a missing phrase.
The UUID will now be set on user creation/registration. No idea why I didn't implement this before! :D