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There is no support for this product. We recommend testing first and backing up your install before moving to a production environment. Emergency support is not guaranteed if it is put on production. If you are in need of support, please contact us here. Support may be billable but we’ll be happy to take a look and provide a quote.

Material is a theme inspired by Google's Material design spec, whose purpose is to enhance legibility, be bold and intentional, and bring real life movement and depth to the web.

Built on the UI.X Framework, Material not only benefits from the styling control and functionality of its parent, but also builds greatly upon it, bringing new features to XenForo. Featuring a simple to use unique metro node styling system, you can bring your Node grid to life. Some of it's other great features include an extended color palette, a brand new off canvas menu, a beautifully re-designed member card, floating action buttons, and a free and extended copy of [TH] Covers add-on with coupon MATERIALCOVERS (add product to cart first! :)), with 4 additional user banner locations.

With it's bright bold colors, and perfected legibility, Material brings the best design spec of our age to XenForo.

Thank you!
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Latest reviews

Bought a subscription to theme house and decided to give this then a chance and loved it so much we disabled all other themes and forcing this on on our users. Themehouse has some great themes hopefully this one will be converted to xenforo 2
Thank you so much Orgasmicsweets, for your kind words, it is a pleasure to provide such high quality themes to you and our many customers.
Themehouse have really stepped up their support, and having recently purchased Material, being a new theme it comes with obvious issues specific to each site. Themehouse have been amazing over the past couple of weeks with this theme sitting in development to sort out the problems and implement workable solutions that allow me to step closer to rolling it out to users. There are the obvious timezone problems, which makes things slower, but that is expected and factored for myself. Themehouse create stunning themes that with a little optimisation make the perfect theme for my users. Users love the features and options presented. Thank you... keep up the great work.
Thank you so much, Anthony, it is a pleasure to provide such high-quality themes to you.
Just when you thought they had reached the very top of the theme-league, they keep pushing the roof! Absolutely astounding. Highly valuable.
Thank you so much Garamond for your kind words, it is a pleasure to provide themes to you and our many customers.
This by far is the best theme to date designed by the guys at ThemeHouse. I've been using a very early version of this theme for some time and this version has been seriously polished to be a very awesome and one of a kind theme.
Thank you so much, Ernest, for your kind words and allowing us to polish up your dream of a theme! We are so very happy with how it came out!
This is probabbly my favorite skin released on xf to date, so easy to customise, a real pleasure to use!
Thank you so much Nudaii, it is a pleasure to provide high quality themes to you folks!
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