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  1. Update to XenForo
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Changelog for Material:
  • Quote background fixed
  • Box shadow on thread view fixed
  • Ad issue fixed
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Changelog for Material:
  • Titlebar not isMetro too much padding
  • Bad margins for deletion notices
  • Missing or wrong floating action buttons
  • Unnecessary member card border
  • The side panel contains the cover image twice
  • Navigation tab icons are large
  • Member card styling issue
Changelog for Material:
  • Long usernames overlap in the sidebar
  • Bad looking pages and overlays
  • Disable button ripple JS when it's not used
  • Missing last seen on membercards
  • Button overlaps on mobile devices
  • Reports aren't themed well on mobile
  • The side panel icon is too small
  • Sidebar overlaps on mobile
  • Member card styling issue
  • Polls look bad on mobile
  • Stack alerts aren't working
  • Sometimes following and followers are mixed up
  • Material .map file missing
  • Covers & Materials Bug
  • Metro background image repeating bug in: thread_create, thread_reply, category_ciewMaterial -
  • Metro grid styling not applying correctly to category_view
See UI.X Updates as well:

Changelog for Material:

1. Stopped Titlebar from centering around icon
2. Change off canvas panel Animation
3. Added more color options for nodes
4. Adjusted padding used in the sidebar
5. Added style property to apply metro node styling background image to titlebar
6. Fixed titlebar image repeat for metro-image
7. Fixed Tags overlap
8. Fixed Tab color for warnings
9. Fixed Permissions for viewing activity in Member Card
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