MarkItUp Integrator - 2013

Unmaintained MarkItUp Integrator - 2013 2.2.6

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Awesome, as said before a lot better than the default editor :)
I have to admit, this is truly a far better editor than the default XF WYSIWYG one. I bought the full version, and it has everything that the default XF one has + this works on phones and tablets. Users are already preferring this, as there is no more copy and paste issues with formatting being pasted, as this is a RAW editor. Absolutely beautiful, and flawless with a few minor changes in responsive design.
Thank you a lot Anthony, if you still use TinyMCE, to fix your pasting problems just use the addon "TinyMCE Enhancements". There is now an option to paste plain text.
Always awesome work by Cédric :) Buy the supported version! Total bargain!
Wonderful. Adds a nice touch to those who like to see and edit bb code in the raw.
Excellent work as usual!
A number of our members were screaming out for something more basic than TinyMCE and more advanced than the plain text editor. This does that, and does it excellently. Beautifully written by one of the greatest developers this community has. Well done Cédric.
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