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Unmaintained Mandatory Location 1.3.3

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  • Fixed issues with last update (many thanks to @tenants for his help)
  • Added compatibility for other addons that also modify the registration forum
Updated compatibility for XenForo 1.3. Note that this version is not compatible with any other version of XenForo.
I've finally updated this to support XF 1.2!

Change log:
  • Updated to support XenForo 1.2.3 (untested on 1.2-1.2.2)
  • Reworked register form modification to use the template modification system in XF 1.2
Upgrade notes:
Simply upload all files in the upload folder and update the addon with the included XML file.

If you edited your register form template for a previous version of Mandatory Location, you'll want to either:
a) Remove it (recommended), or
b) Keep it and disable the template modification made by this addon (debug mode might be required)

The old template modification was:
<xen:include template="MandatoryLocation_Register_Location" />