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Works perfectly. We had similar on vB. It doesn't pick up the old vB info but does a splendid job tracking who has read the thread and when was their last reading of it.
Nice basic overview for your forum to have quickly information about your stats. This way you can keep track the most important stats easily. Thank you.
This addon was published not long ago as a free addon and this became quickly one of the most liked addons as you see. The developer was very friendly in developing a lot of requests. Thank you.
Very useful and visually appealing additions to the forum. If you have a multi-national community, then this addon helps you to categorize the people according to their location. Using it since day 1 and no complaints. Thank you.
I guess most of us use an e-mail address for our boards which we don't check as regularly as we check our boards. And this is why it is very helpful to have the contact us submissions created as threads, which then you are aware of that immediately. Thank you.
Very useful addon, which should be in the core. There are cases you might to change the author of a thread for example and this addon helps you to do that. Thank you.
It is a shame that I have never reviewed and rated this addon formally. Please share my sentiments with the original developer @Snog and I wish you good luck @Ozzy. This addon was one of the most useful addon in the XF1 world. I was so glad this getting imported to XF2 and the price has been a killer since the start. The license is a lifetime one and it is worth every penny, as it has a lot of functionalities and probably covers all usecases. And on top of that support has been always great, bugs were fixed quickly and response to questions were quick aswell. Thank you.
If you have nodes which have a lot of sub forums, then this addon will help yout to discover threads better. As most users tend to skip subforums, this addons helps you to display threads from sub forums in the parent forum. This way you can have your threads organized in the sub forums, and at the same time you can showcase them in the parent forum where the most visitors are. Thank you.
This free addon is one of the most powerful free addon out there. The core software doesn't provide you a lot of criteria and this addon helps you to target your usecases excellently. There are tons of new criteria you can use, as it covers a lot of use cases. This one should be in the core honestly. Thank you.
Thank you so much for the kind feedback, Sbj! Glad to hear this add-on covers a lot of use cases for you on your community.
Using this one for a while now. It is very useful to set a small logo for small devices. You may have a bigger logo usually and on small devices you want to use a avatar/small type of your original logo. And this addon helps you to that easily. Thank you.
Thank you for your kind review !
This was originally one of the neatest small addons on the XF1 versions. I was glad seeing rellect importing this one over to XF2. Using it over a year now and it helps immensely to detect links in posts and is visually appealing. Thank you.
Very useful addon. Some of us don't like the "What's New" feature of XF as it adds confusion and duplication. This addons helps to make it more sleek. Thank you.
I am using this addon over a year now. I don't know why we can't remove those fields with the core software. That is why it is very nice to have this addon, which helps to remove the clutter. Thank you.
Thank you for your review. I'm glad you find it useful.
This addon helped me in the past to identify problem cases, such as other addons using abnormaly amount of queries. So everytime I install a new addon, I use this addon to check if the queries increased or not to make sure all is good. Thank you.
Very neat addon which helps that your users aren't confused about being logged in or not. By activating this addon they are always logged in. Thank you.
I am using this product since it came out a year ago. It works perfectly for my usecase and I rely on this everyday. Works great, I never had any issues with it. Thank you.
This widget works great. It is easy to install and use and it has nice customization options. Not sure what else you could want from a tag cloud widget.