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I found a couple of relatively minor styling bugs in version 1.1.0 but this is a very nice addon that I hope will encourage some competition among forum members. I am currently using the sidebar widget. Good job and kudos to the coder! :)
Great support and the add on works perfectly, couldn't be happier! Definitely the best way to get the most out of monetizing your forum.
I don't like leaving negative reviews, but this addon is broken on my site and there is basically no support because the author speaks extremely broken english. An author not being a native english speaker is generally not an issue for me, but in this case it is so bad that I am unable to communicate with them even the most basic issues and I often have no idea what they are saying. I have demonstrated the problem with them through multiple posts and screen shots and they have been unable to understand what I am trying to convey. So for that alone I would would say that this addon is not worth spending your money on since permissions can be a complicated thing to work with and this author is just not up to the task of giving support when issues arise.
I paid for the add-on to be made ahead of time - communication were good, though the creator missed that i was using another add-on which then conflicts with this version. So i cant use it for now, eventually i guess i can use it...
Excellent tutorial. Works perfectly, I've implemented it in one of my projects. Everything is clearly explained, for all skill levels.

This saves me from having to manually change the namespace and manually keep a 3rd party library up to date.