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Install Guide

Detailed guide for new installations of XF, step-by-step FTP instructions for the inexperienced.

  1. Jake Bunce
    This is a guide for installing xenForo on your web server. Special attention is paid to uploading the files using FTP because some people have trouble with FTP.

    Step 1) Download xenForo

    Login to the customer area and download the xenForo zip file:


    Save the zip file to your desktop....​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Delly
    For those of use who are "clueless," we like pictures and good wording. If you assume we need to know everything and get very specific in the instructions, it really does help.
  2. SelfSufficientMe
    For someone who has little knowledge about software installation etc (like me) this guide was a Godsend. I found it really easy to follow. Cheers very much :)
  3. Flexin
    It has been a while since I worked on a website and I have never done a forum before. I was stuck on a few things and this guide made it easy. Thanks