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Unmaintained Incapsula Integration 1.0

Make xenForo (or any script) work with Incapsula (CloudFlare Alternative)

  1. BurningForLove
    I made a tutorial / procedure on how to have your full server or VPS and subsequently all sites installed on it, see the real IPs of the visitors. Since Incapsula Support has not published it yet for some reason, I am doing it now here. It is a publicly viewable Google Docs i.e. Google Drive document, so I can update it and you can comment on it etc.

    http://gdocs.re/incapsula or http://gdrive.re/incapsula

    FYI: Via the download button, you will get the tutorial / procedure as a .txt in case Google is down (yeah right) :)


    Thread on Incapsula Support Forums: http://support.incapsula.com/entrie...or-s-real-ips-on-your-dedicated-server-or-vps
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Recent Reviews

  1. Insy
    Version: 1.0
    Great tutorial.