Image Resizer

Image Resizer 2.3

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Great tool for various obvious reasons. It worked flawlessly and when I had some trouble due to my own configuration misconfiguration, Andy helped immediately...
Simple to use, good support when I ran into errors. Resized 8000+ images with this tool! Saved many gigabytes in HD space and bandwidth!
This is a really great add-on . And I can say y, Andy has a perfect support ! Fast and do the best when you have troubleshooting with something ! Thanks Andy
Another little gem made by Andy. Together with Convert Image and Convert Image All, you're able to keep those pictures in check on your form. Again brilliant work from somebody who knows how to run a forum for a very long time!
Works great like all of your other add-ons.. would love to see an essential package from these images manipulation add-ons. Thanks a lot for this!