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Hide Extra User Info with CSS Effect

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A little detail that makes a big difference. It allows me to display more useful information while keeping the interface clean. I added a little delay to the transition effect so that the extra info doesn`t get displayed unwanted.
What a cool and useful thing! I love it!
Wow how did I miss this? Only 3 years late but still works perfectly on 1.5 - thanks for the fantastic little snippet really appreciate the time taken to create it and for sharing.
Awesome little addition - love it!
Amazing CSS trick. Thank you so much! Great to save screen realestate!
was wondering how to hide all that non important info!
Fantastic little addition.
Excellent tip steve
Nice :o
Nice one Steve!
Makes a great space saver for us as we use quite a few stats in the sidebar which dose make the page rather long when only using short posts.
Thanks for this tweak, Steve. It actually makes a big difference to most styles. I usually find it is a choice between showing more information vs keeping the interface clean. This actually gives us the best of both worlds as now the information is there only when it is needed. Great work :)
Nice idea - thanks
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