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Unmaintained HIDE Bb Code (Bb Codes & Buttons Manager) 1.0.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
Additional requirements
Require XenForo 1.2+, Bb Codes & Buttons Manager
Alternative hide BB-code to protect content from guests, usergroups and member who not write number of posts (by

- Check if "Bb Codes & Buttons Manager" is installed (
- Upload files from "upload" folder to your forum
- Install addon with addon-bbcodeHide_xx-XX.xml (in conformity with default forum language)
- Import language packs xml from "languages" folder for additional forum languages (if necessary)
- In "Bb Codes Manager" of Admin control panel import Bb code xml from "xmlbbcode"
- Edit this Bb code, on "View permissions" tab check usergroups who will have permission to view hidden content
- On "Editor button" tab check usergroups who will view editor button of this Bb code
- In "Buttons Manager" place "hide" button in editor panel

[hide]Hidden content[/hide] Hide content from guests and unauthorized usergroups.
[hide=5]Hidden content[/hide] Hide content from guests and unauthorized usergroups, also required 5 posts.
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