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Unmaintained [HDJuegos.net] Xbox Live LeaderBoards 1.0.2b

Xbox Live LeaderBoards for XenForo

  1. HDJuegos
    This is an add-on for showing Xbox Live LeaderBoards in your XenForo community like the mods on wordpress, vbulletin or SMF.

    With this add-on installed, your users will have a leaderboard with their gamertag scores.

    How it works?:

    A user puts his gamertag in your XenForo community and this add-on will automatically refresh it every 24 hours. When users put their gamertags, wait the leaderboards to populate data.

    To avoid massive changes and calls to gamercard xbox data, every 2 minutes this add-on will look a max of 5 new gamertags from users to put it on the ranking and will refresh old gamercard datas every 24 hours.

    Also update Game rankings every 15 minutes.

    I made it for my own page. You can see it here working: http://www.hdjuegos.net/xboxlive-leaderboard


    - Ranking of your users gamertags based on gamescore:


    - Ranking Games played in your XenForo:


    - Select a game to show who played it:


    - Your users have a Tab Profile "Live Games" where they will see all games they played (from the day they put their gamertag in your community).

    1. Download Add-on and extract files.
    2. Upload to your XenForo root all files from upload/folder
    3. Install add-on uploading addon-XbxLiveLeaderBoards.xml
    4. If you don't have a Xbox Live Gamertag custom field, create one in your Admin CP at Users -> Custom User Fields -> Create New Field
    5. Field ID: xboxlive
    6. Title: Xbox Gamertag
    7. Field Type: Single-line text box
    8. Tab Options for text fields ->Value Match Requeriments-> Regular Expression -> add ^([A-Za-z0-9 ]+)?$
    9. If you have already a GamerTag custiom field, go to Options -> Xbox Live LeaderBoards Options -> field ID and select it. I recommend put also the regular expression in your custom field.
    If you had problems, bugs or want more features of this add-on, please tell me at resource discussion. If you like it, please vote ;)


    Version 1.0
    - First Release

    This add-on is free, but you don't have permission to remove the copyright of this add-on. If you want to remove it, please, contact me.
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Recent Updates

  2. Version 1.0.1 IMPORTANT

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.0.2b
    Thank you! Hopefully PS3 and Steam leaderboards are next.
  2. JVCode
    Version: 1.0.2b
    Very nice modification, will be using this on two of my sites. Thankyou. :)
  3. DRE
    Version: 1.0b
    Been waiting for this add-on forever thank you! Looks almost like the one for vb4. Only thing missing is Avatars.