[HA] Users Years of Experience

[HA] Users Years of Experience 1.2.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
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This add-on will add a new field in user's Personal Detail which has a date picker. and when user set a date, in his profile and postbit his/her years of experience will be displayed. Date will be automatically updated based the the date user picks.
  • Option to set if you want to display it simple in postbit, or like user banner
  • option to Display on Postbit
  • option to Display on Profile - Information tab
  • option to Display on Profile - Below Avatar
  • option to set language of date picker (not calendar. just its language)
  • Style properties to customize the user banner of date
  • let admins to edit user's date of experience
  • Phrases (so you can use it for other goal)
  • usergroup permissions to view/use/edit year of experience
  • It is AS-IS. I don't think I update it for more features.
  • But all reported bugs will be fixed asap.
  • Donations are always welcome. If you want to do so, you can start conversation with me.

Hope to be useful and you enjoy this add-on. If you like this add-on, don't forget to support it by your reviews.

Hamed Azimi (Dadparvar)
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. bug fix

    fixed: error in some cases. Now fixed. Thanks @Snog for your attention
  2. new phrases!

    Added: a new phrase to let you change the title of field in personal detail page (phrase is...
  3. hotfix!

    Fixed: now "Display on Postbit" works as it must.

Latest reviews

Now this is and awesome idea for an add-on. You can basically have the board members show how much time they put into a skill set. Just wondering if an option would be put in to add a image/ icon to give us a 3rd displaying option. 5 Star rating!
Thanks for your review :)

Good to hear you like it

Hope you enjoy using it
what i just wanted ! its like you know my style you have every little feature i need ! thank you once again for doing this
Thanks for your review :)

Glad to see it was useful

Hope you enjoy using it