[HA] Floating Menu (XF2)

[HA] Floating Menu (XF2) 2.0.2

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Updates duration
1 Year (Optional Renewal: $10/Year)
Visible branding
Easily add a floating menu to your XF2 site.

Using style properties, options, add-button panel, and user group permission you can customize and personalize the buttons as well.

User Group Permissions:
  • Can See Floating Menu
  • Enable Floating Menu
  • Display Overlay
  • Click on Overlay Closes the Menu
  • Clicking Outside of menu Closes menu
  • Tooltip On Hover
  • Linked Tooltip
  • Disable in Mobile
Style Properties:
  • Overlay Color
  • Button Side
  • Main Button - Height and Width
  • Main Button - Border Radius
  • Main Button - Shadow
  • Main Button - Margin
  • Main Button - Background Color
  • Menu Buttons - Height and Width
  • Menu Item - Border Radius
  • Menu Item - Background Color
  • Menu Item - Box Shadow
  • Menu Item - Icon Size
  • Menu Item - Icon Color
  • Tooltip - Font Size
  • Tooltip - Font Color
  • Tooltip - Background Color
  • Tooltip - Border Radius
Add-Button Panel:
  • Title
  • Link
  • Open in New Tab
  • Open link as Overlay
  • Icon
  • Description
  • Button is Active
  • Display order
  • Full User Criteria
  • Full User Field Criteria
  • Full Page Criteria
  • Full Date Criteria
Useful Links:
Hope you enjoy using it. Feel free to share your experience (product, support, etc...) by your review :)
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    Fixed: admin search not working and generating an error when doing admin search (now works properly)
  2. small fix and change!

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