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Unmaintained Google Search 1.1.0

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Very good addon, hope it will continuously be developed to support future version of XenForo as well.
Very good integration with xenforo, if you have indexed many pages in google this is the perfect solution. Hint! You can use AdSense code as Google Search Engine ID!
Works perfectly. The "try anyways" mode is really helpful, specially if a user wants to find a thread searching for words shorter than 4 characters.
Flawless and looks good. Simple install, easy to use. If you want a google search, especially because of words with less than 4 letters, this is what you want.
Just installed at my demo site and see how it works. It works really well. "Try anyways" mode is great and very useful.
Good stuff, simple and easy to use. Does exactly what it should do and anyone needing Google search should just install this right now.
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