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Extended Polls 0.9.3

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The great @xfrocks created this awesome AddOn for us. In my opinion most of this should be built in in the XenForo Core. Anyway, here is what it does.

1.) It adds an additional class to the discussionListItem, so you can show a special icon if a thread contains a poll. It also adds another class if a user has voted (FYI: CSS knowledge required - this package contains no icons)

2.) If a poll is public, a user has voted and also answered in the thread, there will be a box in the top right corner of the post which shows how the user has voted

public answer.webp

3.) Also on public polls, the avatar of users who voted will be displayed inside the poll

4.) The creator of a poll can choose on custom input fields which users should be able to vote (for example he can say only female users should be able to vote). There will be a new setting for this in the AdminCP

Custom Input Fields - AdminCP.webp Custom Input Fields - FrontEnd.webp

5.) The recent activity of user will be updated if he voted on a poll


Since this is the first resource i've uploaded i hope i have mentioned all the important stuff. :) Feel free to ask any question.
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Works as designed! Poll bars too large tho.
Very useful. Thanks! :)
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