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Wonderful resource. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this resource. It works perfectly in our 1.5.8 installation.
As Administrators, we sometimes overlook what 'we' can do versus what our users can do.(i.e. Edit/Copy thread contents at anytime.) This novel Export Thread add-on allows your users to easily copy or backup any threads they would like to. Amazingly easy to use, users are just one-click away from copying/pasting a favorite thread. Kudos for an elegant solution, to a wide-spread issue.
Excellent as usual. "Export Thread" is a very useful option for those who want to save information for future use, without searching in a huge amount of data. Thank you Andy.
This is great for collaborative writing sites. It gives people a chance to download and preserve all of their work! My members have been waiting a very long time to get this feature back.
Brilliant and simple solution to export thread posts. My users will love this to (at final stage) print threads in simple format, edit them before if they need to etc. Just plain usefulness. Thank you, Andy!
I have been looking for such an add-on for a long time. My community members want to read our posts and articles in book format and this add-on makes exporting and editing the threads and posts an easy task. Totally easy to install and just a few clicks away from creating my book. Thank you Andy!
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