EXPerience 2.1.8

No permission to buy ($9.00)
- fixed node for link forums (normal and single)
- update for MegaMenu plugin
  • fixed problem with XRM member search bug
  • fixed problem with CustomSlider widget
  • fixed some colors problems
  • working with XF 2.1
  • fixed problem with menu header color
  • fixed problem with reaction bar color
  • fixed problem with reactions not showing
  • fixed problem with tooltips colors
  • fixed problem with menu borders

Working with XF 2.1 RC2
- fixed some problems with footer
Working with latest XF BETA6
- support for latest beta
  • fixed some problems with menu ul
  • working with XF 2.1 >
- fixed font awesome bug
- fixed dropdown menu colors
- fixed twitch panel responsive behavior
- sidebar problems with height and scrollbars