EXPerience 2.2.7

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
Remember to always use latest version of XenForo 2
Updates duration
Depends of license.
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment


Check one of the best themes for all gaming communities. You can find here many special functions which will make for forums look better and give fantastic user experience.





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Latest updates

  1. update

    working with latest version fixed bugs reported since last version
  2. update

    fixes for bugs reported since latest release working with latest XF
  3. update

    working with latest version small fixes reported since previous update

Latest reviews

Obnoxious behaviour. Banned from Discord, the main support channel for his theme. Reason? Calling the developer Obnoxious, which is a true statement. Why? I was trying to figure out if the issue i was experiencing was a bug or not, since all the tips, hints and guides failed and didn't work.

I asked the developer to take a look at the theme to see if he experienced the same issue, since this was a fresh install and there was no addons etc installed. He refused and asked for money for custom work instead of taking a look if the issue i was experiencing actually was a bug or not. I was trying to change node icons, that's all.

Getting banned from his discord support channel is beyond childish, and when you ask a customer for money for custom work, before even checking if this is a bug or not, is outrageous.

I would suggest the developer to be more understanding when people with lower knowledge than him asks for help. Especially when it comes to "small" details that should be an easy fix to figure out for someone with coding experience.

I can't recommend purchasing this theme because of the reasons mentioned.
This theme is awesome! Being used over on https://forum.plasmagc.com - Although I have found various small-bugs, the support is always very fast, almost always fixed on the same day! The addons that come with this theme are well-designed, and add a lot to this time. I would highly recommend this resource, great support and a great theme!
Thank you! Thanks for reporting all the issues ;P
A great theme that is easy to customize! I really like all the different add-ons that come with the theme, they really add something to XenForo! Support is great, with the author quick to respond and add fixes and helping you out! Happy user here!
Thank you very much for great review!