Exclusive Dark

Exclusive Dark 2.2.13

No permission to buy ($35.00)

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I don't got it, I've register throught their site to buy the style and some addons, I gave my license toke and everything needed and now I see my accound is rejected.
I even can't aske there why.
Really don't got it.
Most likely, your IP address has been rated as high score by multi-account detection. Total score: +3
moderated Score exceeded (+3 >= 3)

Now, a confirmation code should have been sent to your account e-mail address.
After Elegant Dark, Exclusive Dark was the 2nd that I bought for another website. Professionally made theme. Lots of features (needs a page to list them), and superiors support by Osman at their site.
I am glad that you have such nice thoughts for us. We will always try our best to help you with support.
This is the most beautiful theme I have ever bought! I bought the theme of XENTR for the second time, and it was definitely good value for money! The designer is absolutely a genius, the super high aesthetic makes people give a thumbs up!
I experienced some setbacks before purchasing, but after purchasing, I received unprecedented High quality support. The XenTR developers responded quickly, responded positively to all my questions, and taught me a lot of skills and knowledge. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for this.
In using this theme, I put forward a lot of functional requirements, XenTR has almost always been satisfying me, allowing my website to increase again and again, constantly surpassing.
I hope to give it a score of 10 stars!
Thank you for your nice thoughts about us. Our priority is always the satisfaction of our customers.
I am proud of this theme and my team. It's time to pamper your community with its advanced structure and style features. Excellent work!
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