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In all my years using Xenforo I've never purchased a style this well developed out of the box. Not only does this style look good, it is VERY easy to customize with all the features. I'm very happy I purchased this today. Wish I would have purchased this a long time ago. Outstanding style and framework. Thank you.
This is a beautiful, clean, fast, and easy to use style we've fallen in love with. It offers a lot of easy customization across the board so we've been able to craft our own look within the framework. Our beta testers are very happy with the way it looks and enjoy it.

Most importantly, the support provided by the developer has been outstanding -- I've posted tons of questions asking how we can do this or that or make changes, etc. and he's provided prompt answers.

I've been quite pleased and would like to highly recommend the developer and his work.

Props, Pixel Edit!
Pixel Exit
Pixel Exit
Thank you very much for your kind review :) as always let us know if we can be of any assistance.
Just installed the new version and it's simply the best. Awesome style. Highly recommend it!
Keep up the good work guys!
Pixel Exit
Pixel Exit
Thanks a ton :) let us know if you need anything.