1. Pixel Exit

    Evolve - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

  2. Pixel Exit

    XenBase - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

  3. Pixel Exit

    Nova - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

  4. Russ

    Product spotlight: Evolve & XenBase (new styles)

    Welcome to our second product spotlight, this time we're including two styles! Evolve Evolve is a brand new advanced style that brings a modern look with multiple colors built straight into the style. Evolve functions similar to our Omni style where we let you pick from various color schemes...
  5. Pixel Exit

    Edge - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

    EDGE: This is a unique looking open style for XenForo. It's easy to customize to make your own. The demo speaks for itself. Special note: The XF1 version differs slightly from the XF2 version. Please see both demos and ask any questions you may have. XENBASE FRAMEWORK: XB is the framework...
  6. Pixel Exit

    Flat Awesome + - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

    FLAT AWESOME +: Flat Awesome+ brings you a whole new level of customization's and features powered by our XenBase Framework. This next generation of Flat Awesome is the perfect compliment to our lightweight but powerful framework. Special note: The XF1 version differs slightly from the XF2...
  7. Pixel Exit

    Apex - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

    APEX: Apex is a lightweight dark style using only CSS backgrounds and minimal images for icons. Easily change the dominant blue color within the color palette to what you like. Apex comes packed with options included in the parent style XenBase. Enjoy not having to install add-ons or do some...
  8. Pixel Exit

    Core - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

    CORE: Core is a clean light or dark style that sticks to the XF roots but adds nice features and a clean interface. The default orange is changed by a single color palette so you can adjust the colors in seconds! Special note: The XF1 version differs slightly from the XF2 version. Please see...
  9. Pixel Exit

    Blackend Pro - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

    BLACKENED PRO: Blackened Pro is the Pro version of our free style Blackened. The Pro version has been enhanced and comes with the variety of options that are available in our XenBase style framework. 4 Different message layouts, 3 different node layouts are among the many other popular options...
  10. Pixel Exit

    Fusion Gamer - PixelExit.com 2.1.10

    FUSION GAMER: This is the first style we ever released on XenForo. Over the years we've improved the look and built it upon the XenBase framework. You can easily change the primary color and backgrounds to better suite your community. Special note: The XF1 version differs slightly from the XF2...
  11. Russ

    IPBee - PixelExit.com

    Russ submitted a new resource: IPBee - A fun take on IPB's official style Read more about this resource...
  12. lowryo

    Pixelexit or themehouse

    First off thanks for reading my thread, I am wanting to get a custom style made for my xenforo website and was recommended both themehouse (theehouse.com) and pixelexit (pixelexit.com). Just wanting to know if anyone has used or had any experience for these too company's before and which I...