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Unmaintained Double Post Preventer 1.5

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Great add-on. Light, easy to configure, does exactly what it is supposed to do.
Would also be nice to add a possibility to put in the delimiter text the time passed since the previous post, e.g. "Posted after 15 minutes".
Is easy on RAM (low resource usage) and keeps my forum nice and tidy from both intentional and unintentional (glitch/internet lag) double posting. The newest update is excellent, as always from the addon's author.
Great add-on, it works great and keeps our forum nice and tidy. Thank you for not including any branding or strings attached.
This add-on is exactly what my board has needed since it opened. We have a major problem with people double-posting and continuing to do it even when given a friendly reminder by a moderator. When some of the known bugs are fixed, I will give it five stars. Thanks for this great add-on!