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Unmaintained Double Click Forum Icons to Mark Forum as Read 1.0.1

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Double Click Forum Icons to Mark Forum As Read
by ExtraLicense

vBulletin 4 might not have had so many useful features, but we found that Double Clicking the Forum Node Icons to Mark a Thread as Read was a really cool feature.

This is why we've took Vincent's old Template Edit and created it in an addon for everyone to enjoy.

So what does it do?
To say it simple, if you see this.

You double click it and that forum is marked as read :)

(It doesn't trigger an overlay and doesn't redirect you to the forum after doubleclicking)

These are free addons, but feel free to donate at any time. Please let us know for what addon(s) you are donating.
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Another feature that should be in the core! Well done Dan!
I love that it doesn't redirect you into the forum. Great functionality!
Works perfectly and my members love me again! ;)
Perfect! :)
Thank you,
Very useful!
Excellent add-on. Very useful!

Thank you for this.
Brilliant idea and works perfect, thank you.
Cool! Work fine! Thank YOU so MUCH!
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