Do I need an app for my Forum?

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Are you confused whether your users need mobile apps or not? With the all new addon by ForumApps you can measure how many users actually want to use a mobile app.

Your Community deserves the best 🙌
If you have more than 50 unique visitors clicking on the continue button, you would benefit from investing in an app.

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Support your decision with Analytics 📈
No more guessing! With real-time analytics in admin area, you can figure out if the users really want to use the app or not.
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Does it work with XenForo 2.0?

Since XenForo 2 hasn't been released already, we currently do not support XF 2.

Does the addon track metrics and back channels them to your server?
Absolutely not! We care about your users privacy and we do not track anything.

Got anymore questions. Get in touch with us at
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