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Display User's Age in Message User Info 1.0.1

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Important: Please disable the add-on before upgrading or your users may be met with errors.

This update has improved compatibility with newer XenForo versions and as such is now compatible with XenForo 1.2 and above.
  • Uses Template Modifications instead of template hooks.
  • Uses an event hint while extending the Thread controller.
  • Extends the Thread _getPostFetchOptions function properly so that it will be compatible with all new and future XenForo additions plus existing add-ons.
  • Hence: The online status indicator now displays correctly while this add-on is enabled.
  • Template code improved to only show the Age template if an age is actually returned.
This update is a minor bug fix which would prevent the user's age showing up in the message_user_info section.

No need to upgrade, just re-upload all of the files.
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