Discord Integration

Discord Integration 2.7.3

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Nix is great at what he does that's for damn sure! Made my life so much easier with this module. I had some issues at the beginning but Nix helped me through it all!
Switched from another addon to this during my 1.x -> 2.x upgrade.

Has a lot more features and my users love the discord alert messages. Nix also fixed a small problem I had with it and updated it with in a day.
Fantastic addon! Works as expected, no sync issues, includes a NodeJS bot which does wonders. Pretty quick and easy to setup!
Great add-on, quick to help with any issues you might run into. You can't go wrong if you're looking for a Discord plugin as this was my first and it was a breeze setting up.
This add-on does what we need. Allows us to sync specific user groups to roles in discord.

Nixifty even added a feature upon request to allow us more convenient use of the add-on.

The only improvement I would make is to allow syncing in either direction on a per role basis.
With the threadmarks support has enabled notifying users of new content in ways which wasn't possible before, and the recent polish have greatly improved this add-on for large and busy sites.

The background sending queue has enabled this add-on to scale for even the busiest of sites, without getting in the way of normal site operations.

I recommend this add-on for anyone who is looking to improve discoverability of new content, and to enable linking discord communities with a forum hosting content of some description.
Awesome Discord integration that allows me to manage my community much better. I find it a must to have group sync between forum and discord.

Thumbs up for @NixFifty
This add-on is mostly broken, which is ashame because NixFifty makes some decent add-ons when they work. Some users simply don't sync, others receive server errors although nothing is written to the error log.

Support hasn't been timely. I want a refund.