Discord Integration

Discord Integration 2.8.2

No permission to buy ($35.00)
It was a great addon even before the refinements we requested, and now it is perfect for our use case.
This add-on does what we need. Allows us to sync specific user groups to roles in discord.

Nixifty even added a feature upon request to allow us more convenient use of the add-on.

The only improvement I would make is to allow syncing in either direction on a per role basis.
Great developer, great add-on. Worth all the pennies and I would buy (and will buy) again!

We have only recently made the switch from Teamspeak to Discord and with the help of this add-on been able to grow our RaceDepartment discord channel from zero to 30,000 plus members since June of this year.

Shortcut confirmed :)
With the threadmarks support has enabled notifying users of new content in ways which wasn't possible before, and the recent polish have greatly improved this add-on for large and busy sites.

The background sending queue has enabled this add-on to scale for even the busiest of sites, without getting in the way of normal site operations.

I recommend this add-on for anyone who is looking to improve discoverability of new content, and to enable linking discord communities with a forum hosting content of some description.
NixFifty's Discord Integration is the one I've settled with. I've used them all, and the other plugin's support is either lazy and doesn't care or makes you feel belittled for simple questions.

If you want a great Discord integration plugin for your Xen site I highly suggest this one. There's a few small quality of life edits that I've suggested like adding the user's Discord username automatically in the username field and editing the automatic post to Discord, but other than that it's probably the best one. I've fought for answers with the other Discord Integration plugin developers and NixFifty hasn't ever given me an issue.
Awesome Discord integration that allows me to manage my community much better. I find it a must to have group sync between forum and discord.

Thumbs up for @NixFifty
The add-on itself is quite useful if you have the desire to control your discord through xenforo. Nice that it also syncs role directly rather than waiting on a cron to do it for you with the ability that it will not override your custom discord roles.

Great to have new threads notifications, but shame it lacks new replies in thread notifications. Overall, while being a great system I feel like it's also lacking in functions. Such as a 2-way role sync feature, which I might add I had to pay extra to for it to be included.

After fully testing the system, I wasn't fully satisfied with it and wanted to have a refund (with of course me removing all the source files) as their policy did did mention they have a "reasonable" refund policy (but also did mentioned the right to refuse it) as you can't really always test a system properly without you testing it to an extend to see if its the right product for you and the forums.

I was flat out refused a refund, even when I gave my reasoning. As such giving it a 3 star.

The discord add-on is great to a specific extend, don't get me wrong there. But I just felt like it wasn't complete (hence the refund), but flat out refusing the refund feels like a hit and run to me.
This plugin only syncs group changes made via the AdminCP when editing the user. We can't find a way to sync the groups when automated promotions happen. I reached out to the dev about this issue, however they stopped replying to my support ticket.

So it DOES sync groups if you go in and manually make the change, but doesn't appear to sync changes made outside of that.
Apologies, missed this while I was travelling. The issue is with your other add-on, not this one and specifically the way it is adding groups. This add-on syncs groups whenever they are edited. I'm not entirely clear on how the other add-on performs its functions but referring the developer to the api wrapper that's bundled in the add-on should be enough. It contains methods to update associated Discord users.
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