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Discord Integration 2.8.6

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Works as advertised. I had an issue that I couldn't solve for days. Reached out to the Author and was assisted within like 24 hours. The probelm was resolved within minutes (the issue was me not doing something correctly on my end) and boom, bob was my uncle!
I've been using this add-on for some months now, and it has been completely reliable and rather essential to the experience on both platforms. Better yet, I had the opportunity to sponsor development of specific feature functionality we desired, and NixFifty was an absolute pleasure to work with in terms of getting the capability implemented.

Particularly after encountering reliability and poor service experiences with another Discord integration add-on, I can't recommend this one highly enough.
With the threadmarks support has enabled notifying users of new content in ways which wasn't possible before, and the recent polish have greatly improved this add-on for large and busy sites.

The background sending queue has enabled this add-on to scale for even the busiest of sites, without getting in the way of normal site operations.

I recommend this add-on for anyone who is looking to improve discoverability of new content, and to enable linking discord communities with a forum hosting content of some description.
It was a great addon even before the refinements we requested, and now it is perfect for our use case.
This is probably the best add-on for Discord integration available on the Xenforo marketplace. Previously, I experienced an issue with syncing but the 2.7.0 update resolves it entirely. My members are happy and I am happy.
Thank you very much for this excellent add-on. It is helping us to expand our community and bringing users more features which isn't implemented in core system.
Fantastic addon! Works as expected, no sync issues, includes a NodeJS bot which does wonders. Pretty quick and easy to setup!
Pretty straight forward to to set up hadn't got a chance to start testing the roles yet just got my new site up and running on xenforo's new cloud service and support is on par as I didn't have to wait long for any help.
I knew nothing about Discord, never used it, but my members wanted a place to chat. Got this add-on and was up and running with an integrated discord server and in no time. Easy Peasy!!
Awesome bot, easy to setup, easy to customize. Better than the first one I tried. Would highly recommend this one.
Awesome Discord integration that allows me to manage my community much better. I find it a must to have group sync between forum and discord.

Thumbs up for @NixFifty
Nix is great at what he does that's for damn sure! Made my life so much easier with this module. I had some issues at the beginning but Nix helped me through it all!
This is an excellent alternative to the other discord addon here on XF; it's actively maintained, and the author encourages suggestions for new features. By associating discord accounts with xf accounts this addon keeps users acting in accordance with my website rules and saves me a lot of headache!
Great addon! Had an issue that I couldn't figure out, contact support and NixFifty was there every step of the way. I highly recommend this add-on.
Arguably the better Discord integration add-on. For one, support is actually polite, suggestions are actually considered, and you're not treated as a nuisance.

The add-on itself offers a lot of functionality that makes integrating it into a larger Discord simple, and allows for more granular control. It doesn't have a lot of unnecessary fluff that just bloats the add-on, and is overall just a very solid option.
Great developer, great add-on. Worth all the pennies and I would buy (and will buy) again!

We have only recently made the switch from Teamspeak to Discord and with the help of this add-on been able to grow our RaceDepartment discord channel from zero to 30,000 plus members since June of this year.

Shortcut confirmed :)
@NixFifty is extremely friendly and this addon does everything I need it to do such as:
- Allow forum registration / login using Discord
- Add newly registered members to the Discord server (if they registered using Discord)
- Send announcement forum posts into a designated Discord channel
- Auto assign roles on Discord such as member roles and user group roles
(It does even more things but that's way more than what I need.)

If anything is up with the addon NixFifty is quick to respond and provide excellent 5-star support! :)
Excellent add-on! The support is also good and very responsive, I recommend to everyone. I have little knowledge and they help me properly.

It's easy to use, efficient :)
Discord is a massively popular chat app, and this add-on allows pushing new thread and reports notifications via Discord. This is massively better than email notification, and the Discord app's alert setting are just so much better than native push notifications.

Great work!
Great add-on, quick to help with any issues you might run into. You can't go wrong if you're looking for a Discord plugin as this was my first and it was a breeze setting up.
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